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Parkwood Athletic Booster Club Bylaws

Parkwood Booster Club By-Laws


Article I Name


The name of the club shall be: Parkwood Athletic Booster Club


Article II Objectives


The objectives of the club shall be:


To annually raise money through fundraising efforts to support the budget needs of Parkwood High School Athletics and External Middle School Programs.

To financially support the activities and programs of Parkwood High School athletics and other events as needed.

To cooperate with the athletic department, school administration, and students of Parkwood High School to promote and support interscholastic athletics and related sports activities.

To promote school spirit and sportsmanship among students, faculty, administration, parents and the community at large.


Article III Policies


The Booster Club will operate with the approval of the High School and Middle School principals. At no time shall the booster club make recommendations or become involved with the day-to-day operations of the High School’s athletic programs. At no time will the booster club interfere with policies, methods, eligibility requirements or other practices of the Parkwood High School athletic department and/or administration.

The club will be a non-profit organization.

The club will oversee all external middle school programs. By virtue of this programming, all high school varsity coaches will have the opportunity to have influence on the appointing of the external middle school coaching staffs and team member selection. The varsity coaches will have the opportunity to be involved in the designing and planning of practice/instructional philosophies, techniques, skills and game preparation for the various sports with the selected coaching staff.

All coaches shall follow UCPS policies, the Parkwood High School Athletic Guidelines and shall be held accountable to the school administration, athletic department and booster club.

All external middle school programs will be fee based.

The Booster Club will be required to carry insurance coverage meeting the facility use requirements of UCPS for external middle school programs.  The cost of this insurance shall be included in fees. Final policy specifics shall be reviewed and approved by the club.

All monies generated by the external middle school programs (i.e. fees, concessions, gate receipts, etc.) shall belong to the booster club’s general fund to be applied through general club policy. 

All volunteers are subject to the UCPS Administrative Guidelines (UCPS Policy 3-29). The Parkwood Athletic Booster Club will provide to UCPS all information, waivers, and consents necessary or required for its volunteer’s background check or qualification.


Article IV Membership


Membership in this club shall be open to anyone who supports the objectives of this club, especially, but not limited to, the parents of students, students, faculty and staff of Parkwood.


Parkwood High School coaches are non-voting members of the booster club under the purpose of consultation for their individual sports. To become voting members they must be a paid member as identified in Article V.


Article V Dues


Club membership dues shall be:


Membership dues shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee for the fiscal year (FY) beginning on July 1 and ending on June 30.

Members whose dues have been paid thirty (30) days prior to a meeting may officially vote on business brought before the club.

Membership will be considered a family membership, but will have only one official vote.



Article VI Fiscal Responsibility


The Fiscal Year (FY) shall begin on July 1 and end on June 30.

An annual financial review shall be requested by the Executive Committee. The committee will view the financial review of the treasurer’s records no less than thirty (30) days after the current FY ends and shall present this report to the membership at the next meeting

Purchases over $5,000 require at least two quotes.

Article VII Officers and Chairpersons


The club officers and committee chairpersons must be members in good standing and shall be:


Officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Committee Chairpersons shall be: Fundraising/Merchandising, Membership, Sponsorship, Concessions, Publicity (Communication/Public Relations) and additional committees appointed by the Executive Committee as needed.

A term of office will be a minimum of one year with the elected opportunity for multiple terms.


Article VIII Nominations and Elections


Procedures governing Nominations and Elections shall be:


Officers shall be elected at the club’s annual May meeting

The Executive Committee will appoint a nominating committee of no less than three (3) members in March. The nominating committee will prepare a slate of nominations for each office and committee chairpersons to be presented at the May meeting. Nominations will be accepted from the floor during the May meeting.


Vacancies in elected offices and committee chairpersons shall be handled as follows:


In the event of death, resignation, or incapacity of the President; the Vice-President shall assume those duties for the remainder of the term.

Offices other than the President shall be run by the Executive Committee for the remainder of the term.

Committee chairpersonships shall be run by the Executive Committee for the remainder of the term.

Article IX Duties of Officers and Committee Chairpersons


The President shall:


Preside at all meetings of the club and executive committee.

Recommend committee chairpersons to the executive committee for approval.

May appoint a Parliamentarian.

Serve as ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.


The Vice-President shall:


Perform the duties of the president in the absence of the president.

Become the president for the remainder of the term in case of death, resignation or incapacity of the president.

Serve in such capacities as assigned by the president.


The Secretary shall:


Take and record accurate minutes of the proceedings of all meetings of the club and executive committee and prepare minutes for approval at the next club meeting.

Preserve in a permanent file all records, letters of value and communications of the club, its officers and executive committee which come into his/her possession.


The Treasurer shall:


Have charge of all monies of the club and report thereon at all meetings.

Secure a list of all names and addresses of the club’s membership.

Pay all bills upon proper verification.

Keep an itemized report, in a permanent file, all receipts and expenditures.

Secure insurance required by any event/s sponsored by the club.

Deliver to his/her successor no less than fifteen (15) days after the expiration of term, all books, records, files and papers.

Prepare a treasurer’s report for approval at each club meeting.


The Fundraising/Merchandising Chairperson shall:


Plan and direct the annual fundraisers.

Develop and implement Rebel merchandise sales.

Coordinate these events with the school events.

Recommend to the executive committee for approval the committee chairpersons needed for the fundraising events.

Directly supervise the purchasing of supplies needed for the profitable success of these projects.


The Membership Chairperson shall:


Direct the annual membership drive.

Maintain an accurate membership list and supply the secretary and treasurer with such a list.

Recommend to the executive committee for approval the committee chairperson/s needed to carryout the membership drive and collect all dues.


The Sponsorship Chairperson shall:


Have the direct responsibility of recruiting and securing corporate sponsors/partnerships.

The Publicity (Communication/Technology/Public Relations) Chairperson shall:


Promote the club’s activities through available media, such as but not limited to: newspapers, websites, Facebook, email, and any other means the committee deems appropriate.

Establish and maintain relationships with individual coaches and commissioners for the purpose of gaining current information to be shared with Parkwood athletes and families.

Communicate exclusively for Parkwood Booster Club events.  Announcements for external athletic associations or external charitable events may not be shared on Parkwood Booster Club proprietary media.

Partner with the Executive Board, Coaches and Sport Commissioners, and School Administration to facilitate a Booster Club Open House before the end of each school year.

To work closely with the Principal (or designee) and Athletic Director to enhance positive school coverage and public relations.


The Concessions Chairperson shall:


Direct and plan the operations of all concessions for all events as needed.

Schedule volunteers for High School events through the High School AD and/or coaches.  Schedule volunteers for Middle School events through sport commissioners.

Submit an Inventory Activity report at the monthly executive committee meetings and regular club meetings.

Price and purchase needed supplies to stock the appropriate concessions areas needed in a timely manner.

Recommend to the executive committee for approval the committee chairperson/s needed to carry-out these scheduled events.


Each officer and committee chairperson, except the treasurer, shall deliver to his/her successor immediately after retiring from office all records, papers and property belonging to the club.


Article X Meetings


Policies and procedures covering all meetings shall be:


Regular meetings shall be held monthly at Parkwood High School or Middle School unless advance approved notice of temporary change has been made.

The June meeting each year shall be designated the annual meeting.

Executive Committee meetings will be held immediately in advance of the regular club meetings. Any member of the executive committee may call a special meeting of the executive committee to present items/issues of concern that would require decisions prior to regular calendar meetings.

Special Club meetings may be called by the president, only, with two-thirds approval of the executive committee and no less than five (5) days advance notice to all members.

Quorum. A quorum for a membership meeting shall be a majority of the members present.


Article XI Executive Committee


Executive Committee shall consist of:


The elected officers

The principal, assistant principals, and athletic directors of Parkwood High School and Parkwood Middle School will be full voting members by nature of their positions.


Executive Committee shall:


Approve all requests for expenditures of club funds.

Have general supervision of all club expenditures.

Assist the club in making sound financial policy.

Approves all committee chairpersons and individual external middle school sports commissioners’ appointments.

Supervise the affairs of the club.

Make recommendations for club growth and prosperity.

Make recommendations to amend club by-laws as needed.

Transact any business needs between regular club meetings.

Prepare the annual club budget report.

Approve all fundraising proposals.

Approve all purchase order requests.


The executive committee will hold its meetings immediately prior to the general club meetings for consideration of any special matters. A quorum to conduct executive committee business shall be six (6) members.


Removal of Officers. The removal of an executive member shall be at the discretion of the high school and middle school principals.


Compensation. The Directors shall serve without compensation for their service. The executive committee may not be empowered to lend money or property to any director, officer, or employee of the organization.


Article XII Special Committees


Special Committees are committees formed and/or approved out of the executive committee to oversee specific duties needed by the club.


Article XIII Parliamentary Procedure


Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised; shall govern proceedings of the club and executive committee in all cases in which they are applicable and are not inconsistent with the By-Laws.


Article XIV Official By-Laws


The By-Laws shall be the rules and policies of the club. 





Article XV Amendments


Amendments to these by-laws must be proposed by the executive committee to be approved by membership at a regular club meeting. Amendments will require a two-thirds majority of the members present.


Article XVI Prohibition Against Shared Earnings and Non-Charitable Actions


No officer or employee of or member of a committee or person connected with the organization, or any other private individual shall receive at any time any of the Net Earnings or Profit from the operations of the organization, provided this shall not prevent the payment to any such person of such reasonable compensation for services rendered to or for the organization in affecting any of its purposes as shall be fixed by the Board.


No directors, officers or employees of this organization shall take any action or shall fail to act in such a manner as to result in a violation of the laws of North Carolina or the loss of status as a charitable organization under current interpretation of Section 501 C 3 of the Internal Revenue Code.


Article XVI Dissolve Clause


In case of the club being dissolved, the treasurer shall use any booster club available funds to pay all outstanding bills.  Any remaining funds shall be distributed to Parkwood High School and Parkwood Middle School principals to be equally shared and used at their discretion.


Article XVII Grievance Procedures


Should any member of the organization have a grievance towards the practices of the booster club, the member shall submit in writing a request for a grievance hearing to a current member of the executive committee. The executive committee will convene a closed session meeting to hear the grievance and rule on the proceedings.



Revised: 22 March 2017